VisualScare Scary Eye Balloons 3-pack Humane Bird Repellent Deterrent Scarecrow


VisualScare Scary Eye Balloons 3-pack Humane Bird Repellent Deterrent Scarecrow

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Product Description

This is a brand new: VisualScare Scary Eye Balloons 3-pack Bird Repellent 

Visualscare Bird Scare Balloon by Aspectek is an inexpensive bird scaring device. It is designed to repel all kinds of birds.

Product Feature
– Inflatable bird deterrent Humane, chemical free pest control
– Reflective eyes scare birds away
– Easy to hang 3-pack contains three different colours – yellow, black and white
– Keep birds away from patios, decks, gardens, orchards, and more

How Does It Work
Hang the inflated Scare Eye balloons from trees or long poles to scare away birds. When birds see the bright colors and unusual design and reflective surface they will be confused, frightened and want to avoid the area. Waving streamers and weaving motions simulate a live predator.

Aditional Information
The balloons are made of weatherproof material, so it can be use any where, also reflection ribbons are included to make the device more effective than others. 3 Weatherproof, 18″ in diameter (inflated) Bird Scare Eye Balloons included in the package.

Particularly useful for guarding: Gardens, Yards, Homes and Apartments, Farm Fields, Fruit and Nut Orchards, Berry Patches and Fields, Stores and Office Buildings, Fisheries and Ponds, Boat Docks, Parks, Lawns, Swimming Pools, Shade Trees, Decks, Porches, Barns and Farm Buildings.

About Aspectek
Aspectek is a North American inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic and pest control products for over 25 years 

– Repel all kinds of pest birds, effectiveness proven by many customers.
– The 3-pack Package Contains 3 Color Balloons: Yellow, White, and Black for maximum effect
– Bird Scare Reflection Ribbon included
– Weatherproof, 18″ in diameter bird repeller
– Predator eyes scare birds, inexpensive bird control bird repellent
– Product Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 inches 


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